Jonathan Prince

The Frog King of Spring


A man of African descent, whose glutenous lifestyle has warped his body with rolls of moisten fat. His Mask shows him as an obese man with a receding hairline and brow that constantly beads up with sweat. His mein is mostly the same but his frog nature is more apparent. Recently, large, sickly, blue-green splotches have appeared all over his body.

Jonathan has always been the constant stereotypical frat-boy: party now and worry later, if at all. Not one to embrace hard work, he avoids getting his hands dirty when ever possible. The extension of this can be seen in his appointing Helaina Troy as Hostess of Hearts so that he has more time to enjoy himself. His devotion to the idea of having a good time borders on religious, and he wants to convert. Or, that is to say, he used to. The death of the late Queen of Autumn has been taking its toll on Jon and its showing. He spends more and more time deluding his senses, and his clarity is not what it used to be.

Jonathan Prince

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