Helga Tweeny

The Freehold's Grumpy Horticulturalist


Helga is an amazon of a woman, broad, thick and a bit chunky. Her mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth with two huge tusks jutting from her bottom jaw. Tweeny’s eyes are tiny and tightly together while her nose is quite wide.

Eat, drink and be merry. Helga’s Life is all about filling the holes in her life with food by the fist full, the more exotic the better. Her love of the culinary arts has pushed her to become the owner of “The Bitter Root” a Thai restaurant in Rich Bounty as well as becoming the Speakeasy Freehold’s official caterer. Primarily, she is known as a living catalog of information when it comes to identifying and preparing goblin fruits. The only problem is getting that information, as she can’t stand others.

Helga Tweeny

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