Helaina Troy

The Overworked Hostess of Hearts


Helaina is a slight woman, young in years but aged prematurely by her time in Arcadia. Everything she wears always looks to big for her, even if the clothes are fitted for her. Her mask and mein are largely the same. She appears to be a small woman in her late forties that has lived a hard life. For every worn line on her face seen on her mask, her mein reveals one deeper. The bags under her eye are that much darker behind the glamour.

After much of her life being lived for someone else,(first her mother, then her husband and finally the Gentry prince that promised to take her away from her life of mundane servitude only to subject her to one of servitude in a maddening kingdom)her heart practically begged for the spring court. Sadly, her need of acceptance as placed her exactly where she doesn’t want to be, even if she does attempt to lie to herself. When Jonathan Prince came to her and offered the position of Hostess of Hearts, she jumped at the chance. What seemed like a respected position boils down to being a glorified assistant, taking care of all the menial tasks that Jon is to lazy to do.

Helaina Troy

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